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The Top 10 Fitness Apps

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been proven that health is real wealth not a piece of gold and silver. After COVID, people are concerned about their health and adopt healthy dietary practices, healthy workouts, yoga, and meditation.

Many people are using online fitness apps because it provides lots of live and on-demand workout videos. These applications contain lots of workouts, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, core, cardio, and strength training workouts, etc. 

In this blog post, I will provide a list of the top 10 fitness apps in 2023.

The 10 Best Fitness Apps

The list of the top fitness applications is given below that you can use to enhance your mental strength as well as body strength.

  1. Nike Training Club
  2. Obé Fitness
  3. Peloton
  4. Fit Body
  5. Centr
  6. Le Sweat TV
  7. TRX Training Club
  8. Studio Bloom
  9. Big Fit Girl
  10. Jefit Workout Planner Gym Log

1. Nike Training Club

Nike has its own fitness training app called Nike Training Club, and it is completely free. When you sign up, the app will ask you a series of questions. Based on your answers, you will come up with a custom workout plan. 

Users can choose from a range of exercise styles, such as: 

  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Yoga
  • Core
  • Cardio
  • Strength training workouts, etc. 

That’s not all, it also allows you to search for workouts based on muscle group, workout focus, and equipment as well. 

  • Pricing Details: $0
  • iPhone rating: 4.9
  • Android rating: 4.6

Pros of Nike Training Club:

  • Nike Training Club is a free fitness app.
  • It contains a wide range of workouts.
  • It offers multiple filters including muscle group, equipment available, and duration.
  • It also offers warm-up and cool-down exercises.

Cons of Nike Training Club:

  • Nike Training Club requires a decent amount of storage space on your phone.
  • You can not play your intended music while streaming classes.
  • Not suitable for beginners because of its quick transitions and fast-paced moves.

2. Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness offers more than 15 types of classes, such as high-intensity interval training(HIIT), dance cardio, and sculpt as well. Users can choose from 20 live fitness classes every day. If you want more, then it contains an extensive on-demand library of more than 7,000 classes.

Obé Fitness provides workouts ranging from 10 minutes to an hour. The instructors go above and beyond to ensure you’re working out the correct way.

  • Pricing Details: $26.99/month with a free trial of 7 days.
  • iPhone rating: 4.8
  • Android rating: 2.5

Pros of Obé Fitness:

  • Obé Fitness offers live classes.
  • It also offers targeted training programs and prenatal classes.
  • It provides class options for all age groups.
  • Obé Fitness provides high-energy classes and instructions as well.
  • It provides lots of live classes for workouts like HIIT, cardio kickboxing, and dance cardio as well.

Cons of Obé Fitness:

  • The trial period is too short.
  • Strength training is not ideal for serious weightlifters.
  • Many of the users are facing issues including the Android app crashing.

3. Peloton

Peloton is a fantastic fitness app for cycling that provides lots of cycling classes. In addition, it offers workouts including strength training, HIIT, outdoor running as well as yoga. Users can also pay for special on-demand classes. 

Peloton offers a huge workout community and class library. Additionally, it also provides varied workout categories and motivational trainers. The app consistently updates its workout content. It has recently added a boxing program and prenatal and postnatal classes.

  • Pricing Details: $12.99/month with a free trial of 30 days.
  • iPhone rating: 4.9
  • Android rating: 4.5

Pros of Peloton:

  • It is a popular fitness application as it has an iPhone rating of 4.9 out of 5 in the Apple App Store.
  • It offers curated music playlists.
  • The time duration of classes is between 5-75 minutes long.
  • It provides modifications during classes.

Cons of Peloton:

  • It contains some difficult classes for beginners.

4. Fit Body

Fit Body is one of the best fitness apps for women that offers 12 workout programs led by 4 export women trainers. It helps you to maintain your daily workout routine. Fit Body provides classes for 30 minutes and less.

If you have extra time then you should try its stretching and foam rolling videos. It provides a diet plan of 72 weeks with essential custom portions according to your daily calorie needs. 

Moreover, it contains more than 300 recipes to prepare your own meal plan. It also contains a community function that allows you to connect with other people on your wellness journey.

  • Pricing Details: $19.99/month with a free trial of 7 days.
  • iPhone rating: 4.9
  • Android rating: 4.8

Pros of Fit Body:

  • It provides nutrition tips and meal plans as well.
  • It helps you to track workouts as well as your mental or emotional wellness.
  • It also offers alternative move suggestions at the time of workouts.

Cons of Fit Body:

  • It has many easy workouts, thus it is not challenging for many users.

5. Centr

Centr is one of the best fitness applications for men and it was created by Chris Hemsworth and his team of health professionals. 

It offers effective workouts including HIIT to strength and Pilates as well as nutrition guidance with healthy recipes.

It provides total nutrition and fitness plans with proper expert guidance. In addition, it offers a muscle-building program known as Centr Power.

  • Pricing Details: $19.99/month with a free trial of 7 days.
  • iPhone rating: 4.7
  • Android rating: 4.6

Pros of Centr:

  • Centr offers weekly plans for meals and workouts.
  • It also offers warmup and cooldown techniques in workouts.
  • It contains a diverse range of training methods and styles.

Cons of Centr:

  • It is not a beginner-friendly workout app.
  • Sometimes it provides expensive recipes as well as ingredients.
  • It contains limited progress-tracking options.

6. Le Sweat TV

It is a popular personal training application that was designed for personal training with the convenience of working out at home. Le Sweat TV provides personal training workouts for all age groups.

It offers 250+ workout classes with a time duration of 5-30 minutes. Here you can easily play and download workout videos from any time and anywhere.

  • Pricing Details: $16.99/month with a free trial of 7 days.
  • iPhone rating: 5
  • Android rating: 5

Pros of Le Sweat TV:

  • It offers facilities for genuine and relatable trainers.
  • Its classes provide a feeling of one-on-one workout sessions.
  • It does not require lots of equipment.

Cons of Le Sweat TV:

  • It offers limited workout styles.
  • It provides small workout sessions in the form of videos.

7. TRX Training Club

TRX Training Club is the number one impact strength training app that is specifically designed to provide an amazing gym experience to its users. It offers TRX straps that use gravity and your body weight for a full-body workout.

In addition, it offers daily live training classes and you can easily add any music based on your mood. It contains a comprehensive workout library of on-demand classes.

It offers two subscription plans: On-Demand and All Access membership.

  • Pricing Details: $5.99/month for On Demand or $19.99/ month for All Access, with a free trial of 7 days.
  • iPhone rating: 4.6
  • Android rating: 2.8

Pros of TRX Training Club:

  • It offers 15 workout programs with 500 workouts.
  • TRX Training Club provides an option to add your own music.
  • It provides amazing workout plans and videos.

Cons of TRX Training Club:

  • TRX Training Club requires TRX suspension straps.
  • It does not offer a wide range of workout styles.
  • It is difficult to use for Android users.

8. Studio Bloom

Studio Bloom is one of the best Prenatal and postpartum fitness apps that is specifically designed for prenatal and postnatal exercise. 

This application is helpful for pregnant women because it provides lots of pre-pregnancy as well as post-pregnancy workouts. 

In addition, this application contains 300+ classes, related to strength training, meditation, yoga, cardio, HIIT, etc. Additionally, it offers many classes related to boxing and cycling.

Some of the workouts require dumbbells as well as resistance bands. It also offers classes related to diaphragmatic breathing as the foundation of every exercise.

  • Pricing Details: $5.99/month for On Demand or $19.99/ month for All Access, with a free trial of 7 days.
  • iPhone rating: 4.6
  • Android rating: 2.8

Pros of Studio Bloom:

  • It offers classes for pre-pregnancy exercises as well as post-pregnancy exercises.
  • It provides evidence-based methods.
  • Here you can access pelvic floor therapists.

Cons of Studio Bloom:

  • It contains fewer difficulty levels, thus many users left this platform.
  • It offers less diversity in teachers and models.

9. Big Fit Girl

Big Fit Girl is one of the best size-inclusive fitness apps created by Louise Green and president of Size-Inclusive Training Academy. This application provides workouts for all age groups and fitness levels.

It offers chair exercises as well as a wide range of on-demand cardio exercises. In addition, it also provides strength workouts with safety tips. It also provides classes related to injury management.

  • Pricing Details: $11.99/month, with a free trial of 7 days.
  • iPhone rating: 4.9
  • Android rating: 4.7

Pros of Big Fit Girl:

  • Big Fit Girl provides lots of on-demand workouts with safety tips.
  • It offers expert interviews, modification series as well as daily mantras.

Cons of Big Fit Girl:

  • It does not contain advanced workout exercises.

10. Jefit Workout Planner Gym Log

Jefit Workout Planner Gym Log is the best strength training app that offers serious weightlifting workouts. By using Jefit Workout Planner Gym Log you can create custom weight training sessions as well as record each rep according to your intention. 

This application offers more than 1400 plus workouts and posts workouts analytics as well. Its community features are amazing. Jefit Workout Planner Gym Log enables you to share your workout details with your friends.

  • Pricing Details: Free version and paid version are available at $5.99/month, with a free trial of 4 weeks.
  • iPhone rating: 4.8
  • Android rating: 4.5

Pros of Jefit:

  • Jefit Workout Planner Gym Log enables you to create customized workouts.
  • You can easily share starts among users.
  • It provides you with post-workout analysis.
  • It offers 1400+ exercises with both free and paid versions.

Cons of Jefit:

  • It offers limited non-strength training activities.
  • It does not provide advanced workout sessions with the free version of the plan.


Do you know how to maintain your body fitness? and How to enhance mental and physical strength?

To maintain your body fitness amazingly, you should use indoor-outdoor workouts, yoga, and meditation. Additionally, you should use healthy dietary practices because healthy food makes a healthy body.

Indoor and outdoor workouts make your muscles strong and enhance your personality as well. On the other hand yoga and meditation enhances your mental strength as well as flexibility. 

There are many fitness apps available on the internet that offer daily workout videos, on-demand workout videos, and dietary charts. These applications are available for both iPhone as well as Android users. 

If you want to increase your body strength, you can use these workout apps. Hopefully, you liked this blog post.

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